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About me

We have the power to change things, and take responsibility for our lives in our own grasp. I am a graduated psychologist with a master’s degree in marketing.

I’ve decided to start something of my own. I’ve always wanted to completely enjoy what I do, so I started coaching and working on myself.

It all started when a friend asked me to start doing coaching with her because of my work techniques, they helped her a lot. I accepted and we began. When you begin doing something, if you enjoy it, you will have the will to upgrade. I love Tony Robbins and listen to him almost every day. Listening to him, combined with education, life abroad and different workshops I have developed my program “Achieve your goals in 90 days!!!” The program consists of 5 levels that last for three months. With the help of the program we eliminate bad habits and form good ones that lead us to achieve our goals. The program is based off of techniques and workshops. The program is structured and verifiable. You are aware of your progress at all times and what else awaits you.

The program lasts for three months. It is made of five levels. In the first level we define a vision, goals WHERE DO WE WANT TO BE? On the second level we resolve WHAT IS STOPPING US FROM SUCCEEDING? WHY WE ARE STILL NOT WHERE WE WANT TO BE? WHAT IS PREVENTING US FROM SUCCEEDING?

On the third level we make a detailed plan of action, we change our lifestyle and make it so we lead our current life to a perfect one.

The forth level is here to teach us the techniques of handling our surroundings that reacts to our changes. Also, how to keep our motivation to succeed, to change our bad habits to good ones…

The fifth level happens after three months, when we celebrate. We celebrate the success of our changed lifestyle.

  • Accomplishing goals set at the first level

  • The feeling of fulfillment and happiness

  • Change of habits and lifestyle

  • Systematic and progress check

  • Long term changes and satisfaction

  • Removing fears and insecurities



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