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LoVe, LoVe and a little bit of decisions



Why am I thinking that love is so correlated with decisions? Uf, Fu*k you decide to spend your  life with someone. 

At the beginning of the love story you decide to try with someone. After that you decide to meet that person. You decide to go for a coffee, dinner to spend time, instead of watching new Netflix series.

You get that crash on someone at the first moment, but after that is a lot about decisions. Uf, I really like that conclusion how powerful  you are  in choosing your partner or your friends . You simply allowed that person to become a part of your life, after sometime. Again, it is all about your decisions. Some people decide to have a friend with benefits kind of relationship, that just works with them in the moment - just their decision. 

Stereotypes can `` kill`` us , when we know that is good to make `` normal`` relationship, as others has, but that just does not work for us.  Maybe we don`t want regular one in this moment. Maybe tomorrow, maybe never.  Again, it is all about DECISIONS.  I know that you will start to hate this word, but I just want to point out how powerful you are. 


And ... taking responsibility. Being in love is responsible thing - you are responsible for your behavior and for investing in your relationship. There is no perfect relationship. There are two people who will give their best to CREATE perfect relationship 

               ``we come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly`` - Sam Keen


To start all this journey in two or 3,4, 5... :), firstly you have to understand yourself. Decide to fall in love with yourself first. Make a deal with yourself to take care - every day. Some days will be harder, other amazing, but journey is important. Learn and do what you really like. Make a life that you really LOVE. When you build up your life - you will find someone to upgrade that. Start with yourself. 


                love Yourself - Invest In Yourself

Make a decision to build up a dream life. Start TODAY.



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