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Anja is the founder of the company in Slovenia. She is one of few people who obtained European Union sponsorship for their business idea as a part of the program ‘’Mladi podjetnik’’.

She graduated from the Faculty of Psychology, University of Belgrade, 2014. She continue her studies and obtained her Master degree in Milan, University Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in 2016. During her undergraduate studies, she participated in Gestalt coach education program. She got knowledge, experience and willingness to create her own way of coaching!

I would highly recommend Anja as a personal coach. Thanks to Anja, I totally transformed the way I look at the world around me. The word ‘’stress’’ lost existence in my everyday life and I feel powerful and mentally strong to do whatever I want. I’m more focused on things I want and have rather than thinking and things that drain my energy.
I’m definitely more productive as a business woman and as a mother to my beautiful daughter. Life is beautiful once you get rid of all unnecessary junk that we have been collecting through the years. What is important is to to find a person you can trust and invite him/her in your mental cleaning process. Personally, Anja is the one I trust.
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